Strange Readings From The Weather Station (Album) Released 2015

The tracks invite you on a journey, through rolling harmonies, shifting guitar, with  songs as changeable as the British weather.

The album was recorded at Hackney Road Studios in London, and Wickham Farm in Welling with Head Gardeners Johnny O' and Jim Willis. Featuring guest musicians Samantha Whates and Syd Arthurs' Joel Magill and Raven Bush.

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Lawn Order  (4 Track EP) Released 2013

Recorded with The Head Gardeners, and Includes remixes by Tythe & Chris Coco.

Totally in touch with his inner Simon & Garfunkel...there's a nice sense of innocence and dustiness to this that pulls at your heart' - The POP! Stereo Blog

'Very pretty!' - Lauren Brennan, Music Scheduler, BBC 6 Music.

Citizen Cained  (Single) Released 2012

Featuring the Head Gardeners, and guest musicians Mick Talbot & Marco Nelson.

B side 'Roll Another'  

'Shimmering in all the right places' Adam Walton, BBC Wales.

'A good intro to James, particularly for its pace and hooky guitar' Jeff Smith, Head of Music, BBC 6 Music

Plan Your Own Escape (Album) Released 2006

The debut album featured guest artists -  Kenwyn House (Reef),  Terry McGaughey (Millimetre) and Jess Noble.

‘James McArthur's release is a touching acoustic record featuring some very pleasant guitar parts and songs that grow and grow. The album contains some great pop moments too whimsically blending folk, pop and singer songwriter morbidity. Very nice stuff.’ Rough Trade